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Starbucks Avila Camacho, Zapopan (Guadalajara), Jalisco

Starbucks Avila Camacho, Zapopan (Guadalajara), Jalisco

This is my 9th grade honors geometry project. I made the 3D model using Google SketchUp. It wasn't very hard, but there were some small problems with the file size. I chose this Starbucks because it wasn't too hard and it is not so far away from my house. I liked this project because we learn how to do new things on SketchUp and it is not so hard, although it does take many time to do it. #2012 #3D #9th_grade #ASFG #ASFG_9th_grade_geometry_2012 #Avila_Camacho #geometry #Guadalajara #honors #Jalisco #Starbucks #Zapopan
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