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Ever Wanted To Be The Size Of A Mouse??? Probably not... Anyways, I this model for some fun and to be the size of a mouse. its a room with a heater you can go under and stuff and next to it is a mouse hole which goes into the wall and then through some pipes and into a small sewer like tank that has brown water in it and a little hidden bridge across it next to a pipe pointing upwards. across the bridge is another tunnel that leads you around some bends and into a running water system thing that you go down and end up in this little creek thing of brown water, then you go up the slanted wall and you end up in a little mouse bedroom with a mini mouse TV with a mini Bathroom. Have Fun. #Crawl #Heater #Hole #Life #Mice #Micro #Mini #Mouse #Pipe #Pipes #Room #Size #Small #Tiny #Tunnel #Walkthrough #Zappo
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