Neptune engine
The neptune engine, made by titan engines, is a bussard ramjet which takes interstellar hydrogen gas in at the front and compresses it to cause nuclear fusion which forms deuterium and helium-4. At full power it produces 2.4 x10^17 watts of power,enough for two of these engines to accelerate the 2000 kg admiral peck class up to 80% of the speed light in 2 minutes( calculated using the formula E=1/2mv^2 setting m as 2000 and v as 0.8 x c . This is then divided by 120, the number of seconds in two minutes, to get the power for two neptune engines). The fusion takes place in the reactor which is surrounded by a ring of 24 coils to hold the hot plasma in place while the nuclear reaction takes place. It is british designed and built and used in many light craft including some operated by the briish star fleet.Please rate and download, also have a look at my starship models. If you use this model give me credit, thanks. #british_star_fleet #bussard_ramjet #engine #fusion #fusion_power #fusion_ramjet #future #interceptor #neptune_engine #nuclear #rocket #sci_fi #space #spacecraft #starshipspaceship
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