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USS Enterprise C - Ambassador Class Starship

USS Enterprise C - Ambassador Class Starship

T. E. Williams
The USS Enterprise-C (NCC 1701 C) was an Ambassador Class starship, and was destroyed defending a Klingon outpost against Romulan aggression in 2344. Other notable Ambassador Class starships include the Yamaguchi, the Zhukov, the Gandhi, and the Excalibur. (Star Trek: The Next Generation, etc.) This model is pretty detailed, and was a major learning experience for me. If I were to build it again, it would take about 1/3 of the time, and would be a much smaller, cleaner file. But I'm very happy with the results. #ambassador_class #enterprise #enterprise_c #excalubur #ncc_1701 #ncc_1701_c #science_fiction #scifi #star #star_ship #star_trek #star_wars #starship #startrek #starwars #trek
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