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suspended modular train track system

suspended modular train track system

This suspended modular train track system allows an inexpensive means to high volume travel. It can be quickly built, as sections can be fabricated off site and delivered to desired location. This system also allows for implantation of high volume traffic system with minimal interference to current infrastructure. Designed to fit along most divided highways, as well as in urban settings. The suspended structure allows for minimal impact to the environment, for such places as the Rainforest in Brazil or in Africa. The structure also allows for attachment of utilities lines, power, water, drainage, ect. For more information questions or concerns please email me at pmckdesigns@gmail.com #african_train #elevated #high_speed_trains #hst #mckechniedesignscom #metal #modular #rainforest_train #suspended #train #train_track #tube_steel
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