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2014 ZCV Bingo

2014 ZCV Bingo

Zetra Motors
The ZCV Bingo is the MPV re-imagined in a way only ZCV can deliver. Inspired by our line of heavy commercial vehicles, the ZCV bingo packages an extremely space-efficient design into over five meters of length. The Bingo features a cab-over design, which places the front seats on top of the engine bay. Behind the driver are six more seats for a total of eight passengers. The seats are easily accessible and have ample foot room. Behind the seats is a large luggage area that will suffice for up to eight passengers. Based on a modified, extended version of the Zetra Modular Platform, the ZCV Bingo is the second of three MPV projects for Zetra's three car brands. And of course, you can't spell ZCV without "commercial vehicles." The ZCV Bingo can is also an ideal vehicle for a small business owner who needs vast storage capacity and maximum versatility. Powered by an inline six-cylinder engine coupled to a new ZCV Push Button transmission, the ZCV Bingo is sure to meet all of your needs. #Cabover #delivery_van #made_up_car_brands #Minivan #MPV #Small_business_van #Van #ZCV #ZCV_Bingo #Zetra_Bingo #Zetra_Commercial_Vehicles
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