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AIR-32 Table - For use with Air Pod products

AIR-32 Table - For use with Air Pod products

Orangebox Ltd
Launched in 2014, Orangebox’s award winning Air3 acoustic pod range is the most advanced room system yet providing free standing meeting rooms, private space, phone booth and touch down rooms and serves as a fitting replacement to the tradition screen divider / wall. New materials, more finish options and a unique roof solution make this the most comprehensive acoustic pod system in the marketplace today. The aesthetic design of Air3 is a combination of high quality glass and soft acoustic paneling, creating a greater level of insulation and speech privacy. Interchangeable panels allow you to swap, change and refresh your colours and fabrics anytime, giving Air3 a unique and fresh look. An internationally patented opening roof system featuring an advanced fire safety system has been developed to cater for office environments and buildings with sprinkler systems. The Air3 acoustic room has been designed as a global pod system solution — able to work all around the world, in the UK / Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific. As with all Orangebox acoustic pods, Air3 is a moveable pod solution. This room system is demountable and therefore can be moved, re-positioned and fully re-used. There are 17 standard Air3 acoustic pods providing a variety of curved, square, small and large private meeting rooms. The Air-20 mini pod is a particular new addition specifically designed to provide high quality private space or phone booth for a single person who needs it for a few hours. The Air3 provides a unique alternative to a more traditional approach to office acoustics, being a fitting replacement for quiet area shrouded by a dividing screen / wall. Other space diving products are available within the orangebox range: Airea: The original acoustic pod from Orangebox Bay: Movable diving screen / wall - visual and acoustic barrier Cove: Diving screen / wall with fixed seating and desking - visual and acoustic barrier #Acoustic #Air #Booth #divide #Furniture #Meeting #Office #Partition #Pod #Room #Table
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