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Venus - False Color Topography - Two Views

Venus - False Color Topography - Two Views

Shown are two models of the surface of Venus using false color topography derived from radar imaging of the planet by the Magellan spacecraft mission between 1990 and 1994. The rear globe is a reproduction of a false color topography map by Calvin Hamilton, while the front globe is a combination of Hamilton's map and a black and white shaded relief map from Tayfun Oner ( Red and white colors are highest surface elevations and the light source comes from the right (east) side. Globes created using Anim8or overlaid with orthographic maps provided by Nasa, Mr. Hamilton, and Mr. Oner. Scale on both globes is 1/1000 km #false_color #false_color_topography #Magellan #NASA #Planet #radar #radar_imaging #Solar_System #topography #Venus #Venusian
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