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Guns 'N Roses bike

Guns 'N Roses bike

I made this model because i really like GNR music and i wanted to make them a tribute. i've made everything on my own. i took the frame from the captain america chopper and edited it. then i edited the wheels .the front wheel has the 2 guitars, a microphone and the drumsticks in it and the backwheels has the guns and the roses. the keyboard is on the back fender with guns 'n roses in it. the main colors are the colors of the rose and the frame is satinblack. i've made the handlebars with some drumsticks. the saddle has a mic on it and the oiltank wears a photograph of the bandmembers. the gearboxcover is a guitarend (how is that named) and the other side his a rose and the bandlogo. #bike #chopper #Custom #engine #guns #instruments #music #rock #roses #vtwin
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