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Traditional Japanese House in Taitung, Taiwan 台東民權里日式宿舍 台灣

Traditional Japanese House in Taitung, Taiwan 台東民權里日式宿舍 台灣

Paul O.
台灣台東民權里日式宿舍,建於1940年,於2009年左右已損毀拆除,現址為台東市四維路一段659號,民權里其他日式宿舍已認定為歷史建物保存,並計劃重建中。 由於室內格局部份仍在考證,檔案將持續更新。 THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. A traditional Japanese style house located in Taitung Taiwan. The house was built in 1940 during the Japanese Colonial period. Many Japanese dormitories were built in the same area. They were the residential quarters for high-rank Japanese officials stationed in Taiwan. This house was torn down in around 2009. Remaining houses in the area were preserved and began the process of restoration. See file for actual GEO location. I'm still researching the interior and the structure, so I will update the file from time to time. #Japan #Taitung #Taiwan
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