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GoldenJet Gulfstream Aerospace V - G550 {1Mb}

GoldenJet Gulfstream Aerospace V - G550 {1Mb}

With a hub in Keflavik International Airport, GoldenJet's fleet consists of 5 airplanes. They are 3 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and 2 Gulfstream G550. The company has been officially created on May 12 , 2013. The company began with 2 MD-80's. On June 2, 2013 the company sold the MD-80's and bought 3 MD-83's. On June 6, the company recieved 2 Gulfstream G550 from Royal Airways, of which GoldenJet is a subsidiary, to be reworked into commercial versions. It is conspicuous that GoldenJet finished reworking them only on June 7. The company plans to operate 20 routes in the feature. Now, though, it has only 5 routes. 2 of them are regional Icelandic routes; 3 of them are international routes to London, Manchester, & Nuuk. The prices are £20.50, £15.30, £80.00, £75.43, & £30.12. In total, by Sunday 09.06.2013 (EU format), the company has traveled 33,922 passengers. Model mine. EDIT: LOL forgot to put GoldenJet! #550 #Aerospace #Air #Airlines #G550 #Golden #GoldenJet #Gulfstream #Gulfstream_Aerospace #Gulfstream_Aerospace_G550 #Gulfstream_Aerospace_V #Gulfstream_Aerospace_V__G550 #Gulfstream_G550 #Gulfstream_V #Jet #Lines
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