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Captain John Sherburne House

Captain John Sherburne House

Built in two phases, 1695 and 1703, the Sherburne House is the oldest house in Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Strawbery Banke Historic District. Sheathed in three foot long clapboards split from oak logs called bolts,this type of construction required many nails, and is readily visible on the front of the house. The house was painstakingly restored to it's early appearance in 1998, including details such as bright polka dots, painted on a ceiling with a sponge, showing that early New Englanders were serious and dour! A detailed essay on the Sherburne House may be found at: http://www.neculture.org/pmap/imap.html (Scroll down to Sherburne House in the Selected Places menu in the lower left corner of the page) #colonial #New_Hampshire #Portsmouth #seventeenth_century #Strawbery_Banke
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