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skyland the sphere and rebel

skyland the sphere and rebel

skyland fans
In 2251, the earth shattered into millions of blocks that now float in orbit around the earth's core. These blocks remained suitable for living, and life resumed on them. Water is now the most precious resource. The Sphere, a council of leaders assembled from all over the world, has installed a dectetoredship that controlled water distribiusion. There immerse army is composed of robots, called Daikan, and its led an elite force, the Guardians. A resistance movement formed, but the sphere supressed it. The dissapearance of Rebel leader Marcus Farrell extinguished the resistance for good. Only a handful of Rebel remain, but they are scattered on the most remote bolcks, far from the Sphere the st nazaire is not done coloring it RATE AND REVIEW TO HELP ME IMPROVE. #hyperion #monolith #patrollers #rebel #skyland #st_nazaire #water_carrier
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