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Nuevo Estadio de Federación

Nuevo Estadio de Federación

Craig Ian S.
New Federation Stadium, is a planned stadium as a replacement for CF Maxainian Federation's stadium who currently play in Estadio de Federation. The stadium is to be located at the site of the current stadium, but unlike the current stadium, it has much more facilities, up-to-date technology, and a roof. With an all-seater capacity of 85,182, it would be the second largest stadium in New Maxisland (after Estadio Olimpico) and third largest in the MFA. Construction on the new stadium was expected to begin in September 2010, and be complete by December 2011, although the budget was widened and constructionn will begin in August 2010, and will construct with 75% more hours to attempt a June 2011 finish. #AFNM #Federation_Island #Football #Football_Stadium #LAPL #Maxainian_Federation #MFA #New_Maxisland #Stadium
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