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3D UFO CONTEST 2: Christmas Edition

3D UFO CONTEST 2: Christmas Edition

Alexander Racini Junior
It's finaly here! 3D Ufo Contest 2! The contest starts at December 3 2011 and ends at January 1 2012, All entries must have this image beside them, There is no competitors; Everyone can enter the contest, If you have anymore questions comment this model. Merry Chrismas Everyone! Goldenfrog: Sure you can! but put this image beside it. Mousedroid: You can put the image on the background, And you can use blender. Are these the answers you are looking for? EDIT: There is a limit of 29 MB but if it's to heavy upload a picture or lower the detail, About your second question a person can upload only 2 entries. Wishful Thinker Productions: Cool! #3d #3D_UFO_CONTEST #arj #black_hole #christmas #contest #craft #Merry_christmas #ship #space #spacecraft #spaceship #ufo
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