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N - Nitrogen

N - Nitrogen

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Electronic configuration Nitrogen (term coined in 1787 by French chemist Louis-Bernard Guyton-Morveau, with Greek ἀ- privatization and ζωή «life») is a chemical element of the periodic table of the elements. Its atomic number is 7. Its symbol is N (Latin nitrogenium, passing from the French nitrogene, coined in the 1790 by the chemist Jean Antoine Chaptal by merging the Greek νίτρον, nitrone, "potassium nitrate" with the root γεν-, ghen- , "Give birth to"). Nitrogen is a major constituent of the most important organic molecules from the biochemical point of view (DNA, proteins, some vitamins), as well as extremely popular and important inorganic compounds such as ammonia and nitric acid. Molecular nitrogen (molecular formula N2, also called biatomic nitrogen or diatomic or diazoto nitrogen or simply nitrogen) is a compound formed by two nitrogen atoms; It constitutes 78% of the earth's atmosphere (in volume fraction which is also about the molar fraction) and pure state is presented as colorless, odorless, tasteless and inert gas. #N #N7 #Nitrogen
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