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Kompton's Complete Dragster

Kompton's Complete Dragster

Special K!
This is a drag car that I just recently finished. It is all original, and all built by me. It's taken me about 4 months to complete. Download it and check out all the detail in it. The parachute, and parachute lines, wheelie bar, steering wheel and seat. Chassis in the shell of the dragster. Wheels all done by me, and the engine, super charged, edelbrock. All done by me. I'm very proud of this project. It is by far the best dragster on here, and the engine alone is by far the best and most detailed engine on here as well. #Automobile #Blower #Bucket_Seat #Car #Drag #Dragster #Engine #gas_tank #Kompton #Motor #Racing #Supercharger #Transportation #Wheels
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