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Mass Mover 2219

Mass Mover 2219

This one started out as an exercise to build a large ship with the smallest file size while kepping an acceptable level of detail. Therefore a design using flat planes and few compound curves was pursued. The “busy” look was achieved mostly by the paint scheme and small sections of detail. To keep the size down any circles were reduced to 12 or 8 sides and extrusions using them kept to a minimum. The result was a file size of 2-3 megs. The size disparity on the download button is because once I created a gigantic hold for cargo I just had to fill it, there are over 100 spacecraft in the hold, 90 or so Patrolman Class light gunship for delivery to remote federal or customs outposts, 6 or 8 Giant Slayer attack ships, several wings of Nightcats and 3 large system Ambulances all held in place by invisible (so I don’t have to draw them) tensor fields. #2219 #Andywerk #starship
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