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Rapier AU X, Autonamous Battlefield counter measure

Rapier AU X, Autonamous Battlefield counter measure

Full equip,Prototype Aggressive assault drone made for rapid deployment heavy attack counter measures, its limited armour make it vulverable to attack but highly mobile and extremely agile, this coupled with its immense firepower gives the Rapier superior tactical advantage, Primary Armament: Long range super-sonic HSR auto cannons (both running without complication will deliver over 9000 rounds per mintue down range) Secondary Armament: 2x 40mm rifled cannons + 6x 25mm articulated cannons Supplimentary Armament: Assorted Ground to Air missles rockets and Jamming eqquipment. Defense: 2x .50 cal automated machine guns, 6x 25mm articulated cannons, microwave pulse emitter. #Armour #autocannon #battle #core #future #gun #guns #mech #minigun #missile #tactical #tank
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