Lincoln Hall
The building, features terra cotta adornments designed by Karl Schneider, artistic lead of the American Terra Cotta Company. They feature various scenes and quotations from Lincoln's life on its exterior, along with 69 wise old owls. There are ten panels depicting various scenes from Lincoln's life, including Lincoln Splitting Rails on the Banks of the Sangamon, The Down-River Trip and the Slave Auction (1831), The Lincoln-Douglas Debate (1865), and The First Inaugural Address. Scenes date from 1830, 1840, 1849, 1858, 1861, 1863, and 1865. There are also ten panels with quotations from Lincoln's myriad speeches. Each of these is flanked by dual portraits of men who were influential in Lincoln's life: Seward, Chase, Stanton, Welles, Grant, Farragut, Sumner, Adams, Greeley, Turner, Douglas, Trumbull, Yates, Oglesby, Logan, Lovejoy, Davis, Palmer, Koerner and Medill. #Hall #Illinois #Lincoln #University
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