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Allegheny County Courthouse

Allegheny County Courthouse

3D Warehouse Staff
Following the destruction of Pittsburgh's original courthouse (1794-1882) due to corrosion caused by coal smoke, Allegheny County commissioned the current Courthouse to Boston architect Henry Hobson Richardson. Construction began in 1884, with completion following shortly after Richardson's death in 1886. Included in the complex is the jail, today a Juvenille Detention center, and the main Courthouse itself, the design of which Richardson considered to be his finest. The prison is connected to the main building by the "Bridge of Sighs", which mimmicks the "Bridge of Sighs" in Venice, Italy, designed to be the last view convicts see before their imprisonment. In 1974, the building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, it continues to house judicial proceedings for the city of Pittsburgh, PA. #Allegheny_County_Courthouse #Bridge_of_Sighs #Henry_Hobson_Richardon #PA #Pennsylvania #Pittsburgh #Richardsonian_Architecture #Signature_Buildings
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