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The Bible (from ancient Greek βιβλίον, plural βιβλία (biblìa) meaning "books" or "book collection") is the sacred text of the Jewish and Christian religions. It is composed of 66 different books of origin, genre, composition, language, dating and literary style, written in a fairly wide period of time, preceded by a more or less long oral tradition and still difficult to identify, enclosed in a canon set Starting from the first centuries of our era. Unlike the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), Christianity has recognized more books in its canon by dividing it into the Old Testament (or Old Covenant) whose texts were written before the "ministry" of Jesus (except for Wisdom) and the New Testament (Or New Alliance) that describes the coming of the Messiah. The word "testament" taken individually means "covenant", an expression used by Christians to indicate the covenant established by God with men through Jesus and his message. #Bible
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