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This old house 2012

This old house 2012

H Mod
This old house finished the Cambridge, MA 2012 project and will now be working on the Essex, MA 2013 house. I will make a model of it and upload it to the 3DWarehouse.PS..I did not make a model of the Barrington, MA 2011 house because I did not have enough imagery. I will post a model showing the location of it [encase you are wondering]soon. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT.If you are not familer with this old house I suggest you watch it. You can watch full episodes for FREE! at http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/tv/video #1800s #2011 #Cambridge #history #house #late #MA #Massachusetts #modern #old #pbs #place #scandinavian #site #this_old_house #tv
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