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US Taxi

US Taxi

A detailed 3D model of a US Taxi from Antics Technologies. An interactive version of this taxi can be downloaded from the Antics Content Warehouse at for use within Antics3D animation software, side-by-side with your SketchUp architectures and props. The Antics3D version of this taxi allows you to direct our characters to walk to and enter the taxi through any of the doors all with one simple point and click. The taxi can then drive with another click, tires spinning and all. Antics Technologies provides user-friendly, real-time 3D animation software that allows anyone to produce 3D animations using simple “point-and-click” commands. Models from Google SketchUp can easily be imported into Antics3D using a browser window into the Google 3D Warehouse from within Antics3D. The vast Google 3D Warehouse allows you to build the exact sets and scenes that you want. Together with Antics3D's’ intelligent characters and props as well as sophisticated camera choreography, this gives you the power to bring life to your scenes and create animated clips, films and visualizations. #3D #animation #Antics #cab #car #dept #interactive #response #service #taxi #taxicab #US #V31 #vehicle #yellow
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