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此建物位於金沙鎮的沙美老街上,沙美古街於清朝道光三十年即有聚落存在,距今已有一百五十多年,老街有著別具一格的建築群,主體是八街八巷弄,被稱為八卦街。老街由八街和八巷弄組成,八街包括:忠孝、仁愛、信義、和平、三民路、成功路、成功路二巷與後街,另有八條古巷弄,店厝數加起來約二百餘間、洋樓數五棟。古街的店厝具有閩式明清風格,建築元素包括:花崗石、紅磚、土角牆身、石蚵灰泥粉刷、木構樑柱、紅瓦頂;店門的木板是上下開啟的形式。洋樓曾作為金沙鎮公所、衛生所。教堂曾是金東中學。區內還有槍樓二棟、石敢當一座、石獅四尊、風獅爺四尊。 Our town is located at the east of Kinmen Island and is one of the two largest towns in the east half – the other being Jinhu. Separated by Mt. Taiwu, our town is located at the west of the mountain. In the end of the Cing Dynasty, gold sand was iscovered at the sea outlet of the previous Jinshan Port. This was why the port was named “Jinsha Port” (meaning “port of gold sand,” the river that enters the sea here was named “Jinsha River,” and the district was named “Jinsha.”
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