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The Sightmark Sure Shot 1x45 Reflex Sight

The Sightmark Sure Shot 1x45 Reflex Sight

The Sightmark Sure Shot 1x45 Reflex Sight Riflescopes, part of the Sightmark series holographic laser sights, are ergonomically designed to create a lightweight yet accurate sight, while maintaining all-important peripheral and depth perception while shooting. This Sightmark Sure Shot holographic sight features a larger viewing area with 4 reticle types, and is available in either the standard black matte, Camo or silver finish. The adjustable reticle brightness of these Sightmark Sure Shot 1x45 Reflex Sights allow for the extra convenience of personal preference as well as during different lighting conditions. Waterproof as well as shockproof, the Sightmark Sure Shot Black or Silver Reflex Sight is great for a long time of durable and reliable service. #Reflex #Reflex_Sight #Sight #Sightmark #Sure_Shot
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