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LDR Pixel HS 2014

LDR Pixel HS 2014

The New LDR Pixel HS is the big brother to the MS. The HS stands out from others hot hatches because it is mid-engined. Normal Hatchbacks having more than 300 horsepower always have torque-steer, LDR's way to solve that is making the car rear wheel drive, that such as the Pixel MS or even making it mid-engined like the HS here. It has a 3.5L Supercharged Mercedes-Benz V6 (M276) producing 470 bhp and the SS option which has 540 bhp The Price is $51,300 and the SS is $69,100 The RS model will come soon later. Template by xrw960h !NEW! I Proudly release that all LDR's cars are fully made of carbon fibre or contain lots of it in the car. You may check all the cars and you will always see carbon fibre (Except the C4 Livido and Quantistico (carbonio Excluded)) #Engine #Fast #Hatch #Hatchback #High #Hot #HS #LDR #Mercedes #Mercedesbenz #Mid #Midengine #Mini #MS #Sport #Supercharged #V6 #Warlock
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