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Minoka Hall

Minoka Hall

Minoka Hall, Building No. 105, constructed in 1957 at a cost of $291, 975, was dedicated and named on October 24, 1959, as a 110-resident girls’ dormitory with two staff apartments. The dedication was part of the 75th Anniversary of the school. Mrs. Hildegard Thompson, chief of the Branch of Education, BIA, spoke at the dedicatory ceremony. Minoka Hall was named in honor of Dr. L. Ross Minoka Hill, a Mohawk renowned medical doctor and humanitarian. She was born on August 30, 1876. The place of her birth was not known, but in all probability it was the St. Regis Reservation, New York. Her Mohawk parents evidently died in her early childhood as she at the age of five was adopted by Dr. Joshua G. Ellen of Pittsburg, who sent her to school. She received many outstanding awards for her accomplishments. She was the only woman to become an honorary member of the Wisconsin Medical Society. In 1947 she received the Indian Achievement Award from the Indian Council Fire in Chicago. She never spared herself in her efforts to serve others and in 1946, during World War II, she suffered a severe hearth attack, brought on by overwork. From this she never fully recovered and she was left with her eyesight greatly impaired. She died in February of 1952.Today this building is not currently being used by students, but it houses the Students Rights Office. #American #building #component #education #geography #gis #Haskell #hinu #history #Indian #Kansas #ku #landmark #Lawrence #minoka #model #nation #native #school #sketchup #university
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