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My desktop setup

My desktop setup

Nicolas T.
I listed below the components. First, what I have already or what is coming (shipping in progress): - Asus G751 - An crappy secondary screen + a printer hidden in the corner - Thrustmaster Warthog (joystick and throttle) - MFG Crosswind rudder pedals (not Saitek as in the model, but didn't find a 3d model) - Monstertech table mounts for both joystick and throttle - A keyboard without numpad to keep confortable space for mouse - A car seat from a scrap yard (from a Renault Espace 4), with adjustments (read/front, inclination of back rest, height and lombar) And the remaining work: - A custom keyboard plate that fit between Warthog, with appropriate width for me between joystick and throttle - Maybe an ergonomic keyboard tray (solution to be confirmed) to ensure adjustments and retractation when not using it - A big wood plate on the floor to set the seat and the pedals on it - A simple adjustment mecanism for rudder pedals position (read-front only)
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