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Titan Tactical space station.

Titan Tactical space station.

Noah F.
This space station is the first ever to be desighned for military uses it is not technicly s spacestation because it can travel at warp but it is also capable of extensive self repain and epairing other ships. ARMAMENT: 44 TYPE XVI PHASERS 44 QUANTUM POINT DEFENCE BLASTERS 44 QUANTUM TORPEDO LAUNCHER( EACH WEAPON ODE IS SELF SUFICIENT POWERWISE AND IS MANNED BU A MINIMUM OF 3 PEOPLE THEY ALSO HAVE THEIR OWN SHEILDS) 2 tachion beam emmiters docking capabilities: 8 large docks 16 fighter docks and numerus shuttle haches. #cool #fighters #node #phaser #photon_torpedo #quantum #space_station #star #Star_trek #torpedo #treck
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