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Can anyone explain what's going on here?

Can anyone explain what's going on here?

Today on March 11, 2013, right as Central AIr Lines Flight 362 to Chicago was about to leave the gate at LAX, a bright blue light appeared. The brightness of the light caused the crew of the 767-239 to stop the airplane from backing out of the gate. As soon as the flash appeared, it disappeared and in its place stood the DC-8-61 that crashed as Flight 909 in 1969. Somehow, the DC-8 re-appeared in LAX. Flight 6, the ill-fated DC-6B also re-appeared in Central's main hangar in Centralia. After talking to AirbusA330, he revealed that the rear portion of V2 Airlines Flight 32 (crashed after a collision with Central 1638 in 2012) appeared in V2's main hangar. Even more odd, the forward portion of Flight 32 re-appeared at Jones Beach on Long Island. U.S. Airways also reported PSA Flight 182 re-appearing in their hangar along with Flight 191 re-appearing at American's main gate in Chicago's O'Hare airport. In all cases, no people were found on board the aircraft, but the aircraft were in the same condition they were on the day of their fatal accidents. Flight 6 even had the KKK bomb on board. Replication has been ruled out as the fingerprints found on the bomb belonged to a KKK terrorist who was murdered in 1968. If any other airline out there has any similar strange occurances going on, please notify me in the ratings pronto! Thanks to walkman for the terminal and WilliamT for components found on the DC-8 and the original 767-200. Also, thanks to everyone in the contribution list. #182 #191 #32 #909 #Air #AIrlines #American #Central #Flight #Flight_6 #Ghost #Lines #Pacific #Plane #Southwest #US #V2
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