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Capital High School

Capital High School

Here is a high school located on the south side of town. Although the school started in the late 80's, it has been rumored to have been an institution of some sort. Notice the different modules that make up the building. Wings have been added over time. The building has emerged from an upsidedown T to a tangling mass of corridors giving the building a unique looping hallway system. It has been built consistently in a native territorial style that features adobe (in this case, stucco over concrete) with its parapets lined with brick belting, also usually with white windows. The style is prominant throughout New Mexico as an alternative to their dominating Pueblo style. Enjoy this interesting model with its colonades, towers, bleachers, staircases, courtyards, and unique shapes. Tell me about it. Yes, this was my high school. Only a memory now after I have graduated. TURN OFF LINE PROFILES!!! To fully enjoy this model!!! #Adobe #award_winning_design #Bleachers #Building #Cafeteria #City #Classroom #Concrete #Garden #Gymnasium #inspiring #Intricate #Neighborhood #Pillar #plantlike #Santa_Fe #School #Stairs #Territorial #Urban #Window
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