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Should there be a Rounded Rectangle tool?

Should there be a Rounded Rectangle tool?

The Bryce Modifier™
If this existed in SketchUp, it would be similar to the Rectangle tool, but the rectangle would have rounded corners. You would click and drag the mouse, and you could hold the Shift key and move the mouse to change how rounded the corners of the rectangle/square are. And, the tool would have the ability to snap to the Golden Section just like the Rectangle tool. If you think this tool should be available in SketchUp 7 when it comes out, then rate this 3-5 stars. If you disagree with me, then don't rate it. The logo of this model shows the thumbnail of the tool (if it existed). Download this model to see the image up-close. #for #Google_SketchUp_7 #petition #poll #Rounded_Rectangle_Tool #suggestion #v7
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