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Spaceship Shuttle Craft - Black Fox (Landed)... x Carl U

Spaceship Shuttle Craft - Black Fox (Landed)... x Carl U

Carl U.
Gray Matter Ship Yard - Black Fox (Spaceship based Interplanetary Shuttle) All parts & components of shuttle are designed and build by me. I wanted a small Spacecraft / Starship based shuttlecraft that would be used for routine interstellar / planetary travel from a planet, star base, moon base, etc., to a starship / carrier. (Shuttles propulsion system is an anti-gravity engine/drive) Check out my shuttle model Black Fox In Flight. Design loosely based off of 50’s and 60’s Space ships. i.e. Space Ghost etc Humanoid Figures by Elfpainter If you use this model, I'm happy for you to use it however you wish, as long as you give credit.  #carrier #craft #mobile #outpost #shuttle #shuttlecraft #space_atmosphere_vehicle #spacecraft #spaceship #starship #warship
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