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sea city 101 not labled

sea city 101 not labled

====================-STORY-================================ Sea City101 is a code name for this city a vast 25 square mile city with a decant popluatation this city is stocked with supplies and has plenty of factorys and farms it also has a veary advanced water filtration system for getting water this city was bulid in a shipyard in sanfranisco and is high tech there is also a HUGE park just behind city hall there is a lot of streets if you want to see street names then wait till this is all done as this is a lot of work there are plenty of binuess blocks and a huge mall on factory road wich also leads to the factorys there is 4HUGE powerstations. to supply the whole city there is a lot og geneatatorsuseing manydiffrient fueals from diesal,hydro eletric,solar,wind, and so much more..... #JOECORP_CAR_SEA_CITY_101
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