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JK Bridge

JK Bridge

In Brazil, a bridge built on curves. Alexandre Chan calls his design of the President Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge in Brasilia a product of research. Chan was interviewed about the prize-winning bridge design. Here are excerpts: Some of the criteria were objective, others subjective, the Rio de Janeiro architect said. Some decisions were basic, others sophisticated. Some ideas were "touchable," while others were "untouchable." He considered dozens of issues, ranging from the geological profile of the region to the importance of architectural shapes in the city of about 2 million people. Chan considered the bridge's position with the Brasilian sunset and the principle of avoiding straight lines on the deck to offer a varying landscape view for drivers. "The JK Bridge project was not an explosion of artistic enthusiasm but an answer to the conditions of a government contest organized by the Institute of Architects of Brazil," Chan told The Buffalo News. "Adequate monumentality was an intention, but magnificence was somehow done by the synthesis of all those items," he said. Text taken from #architecture #building #cool #modern #pivnice #ZNO
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