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Konstal 105Na Tram

Konstal 105Na Tram

Detailed model of a Konstal 105Na Tram, painted in colours of Polish city, Łódź. Number of line - 15. Please rate, and comment :) The Konstal 105Na are a class of Polish trams manufactured from 1979 to 1992 in workshops Konstal Chorzow, Poland. The narrow-gauge version is designed as 805Na. Currently, they are the most common operating trams in Poland. 105Na is one-way motor coach, equipped with four doors. It represents the development of the earlier tram Konstal 105N, the main changes being the location of the components of the electrical equipment which were transferred from under the stairs to the back wall of the driver's cabin, the introduction of a separe cabin for the driver and removing the small windows under the front and side windscreens. In terms of utilization, the most important change was the introduction of switching engines. During the start-up 4 motors are connected in series, while during normal working range 2 motors were connected in parallel. (which reduced the current consumption by 12%). The link between wagons was also changed. During their exploitation time the 105Na vehicles became the subject of various modifications and upgrades (including changes in the electrical system, new front plastic, change of the door opening mechanism, and even re-tram in Poznań to the two-way Konstal 105NaDK). Also the older 105N wagons were modernized to the 105Na standard. #city #konstal #lodz #poland #polen #polska #straßenbahn #street #streetcar #train #tram #tramwaj #tramway #transportation #łódź
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