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Decknar Airlines Boeing 777-3D9 SkyTeam Livery

Decknar Airlines Boeing 777-3D9 SkyTeam Livery

N00973, now for you observant people you will note N00973 was the registration of the Wings United 773. Well sadly Decknar has to repaint over that livery. Decknar is now a proud member of the SkyTeam Alliance! Here is our new home! Its great to be partnered up with airlines such as KLM, Air France, Delta, China Southern, Aeroflot, and of course the migrating ex Wings United guys. I think Decknar will be happy at it's new home. Again very sad to not be under the WUA but oh well. Times are a changing. And yes I know the font for the SKYTEAM titles is off. A330 or someone if you could send me the correct font that would be appriciated. I just dont have a matching font lol. Anyways thanks to AirbusA330, and AN777. Comment and rate! #Boeing_777300 #Decknar_Airlines #SkyTeam
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