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ST-1500 Transport MAF version

ST-1500 Transport MAF version

The ST-1500 was put into service after the Rega 2 event, the ship was used to transport injured Maslon citisens off of the planet, it was also used to transport colonists 3 months afterward to start a new more defended conlony. 4 years alter it was retired from the Mason Armored Forces due to an engin defect and lack of weapons, 1 month later the design was perchused by the Maslon Malitia and used for 13 years untill the ships were decommisioned,gutted, and sold to civilans as tugs and light transpots. Due ti lack of speed most of these ships have been mothballed in the Maslon Malitia or destroyed and sent to the junk yard around Rega. All credit goes to Anonymous and NQPD #MAF #Mason_Armored_Forces
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