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Shogun Daisho Sedan GX (1997-1999)

Shogun Daisho Sedan GX (1997-1999)

Another Car Maker
The Shogun Daisho Sedan GX was the sedan version of the Daisho. The Daisho Sedan GX was a compact sedan sold in Japan, North America and, for the first time, in Europe. In North America it was known as "Treno GX" while in Europe it was sold as a rebadged LMC, the LMC Aurea GX. The Daisho Sedan GX was powered by a 1.4L 4-cylinder straight-line GX VERSION, with 118hp and a top speed of 200km/h. In the early 1999 the Sedan GX was avalaible with a new engine, the 1.6L L4 DOHC GX, with 130hp and a top speed of 213 km/h. In the 1999, due to the bankrupt of Shogun Motors, the Daisho Sedan GX was no longer for sale. Wheels by xrw960h's Acura TSX. Interior by Acura TSX, improven by me. Template by The Flying Finn. #car #carro #cheap #compact_sedan #Daisho #low_price #modello #sedan_car #Sedan_GX #Shogun #voiture
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