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Great Wall of China Badaling East

Great Wall of China Badaling East

Peter O.
This model is of the eastern part of the most popular tourist section of the wall at Badaling, 70km (42 miles) NW of the capital Bejing. It contains the entire restored eastern section of the wall. Construction of the original Great Wall of China started in around 700 BC, but most of the current wall dates from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). At that time the wall stretched across the country for approximately 6,400km (4,000 miles). Around 40% of that wall has since disappeared, 40% is in poor condition and 20% has been restored and/or rebuilt. NOTE: This is a detailed high-polygon model. There is a simpler version that is recommended for inclusion in the 3D Buildings Layer. Modelled by Peter Olsen, Brighton-le-Sands, Australia. #badaling #beijing #china #great #great_wall_of_china #wall
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