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House. This house is one of my best houses. I made a house after dilberts, but I thought it had a big porch and didn't look right. So I made another house. If you want to modify my house let me know in my ratings. I check those almost everyday. Do NOT copy my house. I will report and I won't be very happy. Someone reported this house sometime ago and I don't know why. I think it was because I wrote house alot in a row, But now Whoever did that has no reason to report my house. And stress cube is right about typing house, house,house,house etc. As soon as I can, I will change my description for my house. I ask that you do not report my houses untill about 2 weeks. BUT I WILL change my description. As I said before, This house has no reason to be reported. I reuploaded this house because it got reported, but now there is no reason. Thanks for reading my description for my house.
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