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Parker Square Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce

Parker Square Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce

David M Schwarz Architects
This mixed-use development is located on a 24-acre site in Flower Mound, Texas. Before the execution of Parker Square, Flower Mound was a suburban locale without any sense of community Development was limited to suburban tract housing, strip shopping centers, and isolated office structures. Working with the developer and town officials, David M. Schwarz Architectural Services modified a previously approved plan by a former landowner that called for a suburban office park with retail/restaurant along the highway. Together with its cient, DMSAS authored new zoning and development guidelines that permitted an innovative approach to small site suburban parcels. The plan created a pedestrian-friendly environment that as a counterpoint to nearby sprawl, would serve as a community focus for Flower Mound at large. The modified master plan recognizes the need for a more integrated approach to providing retail and office spaces in a more traditional developmental structure as demonstrated by American “main streets.” The project was geared toward neighborhood commercial users and smaller start-up and/or service-oriented office users. Stores and restaurants line the streets, and a central neighborhood greenspace provides a strong identity for the community. When completed, the 24-acre site will accommodate approximately 350,000 square feet of mixed uses.
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