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Euromax container quay crane

Euromax container quay crane

Dear User. The model is not the exact copy of the crane at EUROMAX container terminal. However, it illustrates the main elements and working methods of the whole construction. The main difference between regular quay container crane and the one you are about to use are: - Two sets of independent hoisting trolleys, each set is suitable for twin-lifting (loading or discharging two TEU's at the same time) and ready for tandem-lifting (two FEU's or four TEU's at the same time) - In the backreach of the crane the stacker platform is situated. From the platform the containers are further taken over by fully automated compact trolley in order to position them on AGV's (Automated Guided Vehicles) waiting behind the crane. For questions & remarks please e-mail @ #container_crane #container_gantry #container_terminal #euromax #quay_crane #quay_gantry
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