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EliAcoustic Regular Panel 60.4 Pure Black

EliAcoustic Regular Panel 60.4 Pure Black

EliAcoustic-Acoustic Decorative
This panel provides high acoustic performance and aesthetics achieved thanks to the available range of 8 colors, while its sound absorption capability ensures optimal results. Whatever color you choose, you can be sure that this is an acoustic panel with a performance unmatched in the segment of acoustic panels flat. In large part, this result is due to the following proprietary technologies employing EliAcoustic: - Apply color using tangential atomiser technique that maximizes the percentage of open pores of the panel, which improves the sound absorption capability. - Intrinsic material density open cell high rate to optimize the sound absorption. Available colors offer a wide range of combinations in the world of decoration, which will allow integrating the 60.4 Panel Pure Regular EliAcoustic in any environment and style. Its geometric design allows the installation of different configurations (vertical-horizontal-diagonal), which will provide an aesthetic finish to the room at the same time improving its acoustics. The absorbent acoustic EliAcoustic Pure Regular Panel 60.4 is especially useful to control early reflections, and to reduce the reverberation time at mid-high frequencies. So it becomes the perfect ally to improve the acoustics in home-cinema rooms, audio-rooms, recording booths, home studios, restaurants and large halls. General characteristics: Dimensions of each panel: 595 x 595 x 40 mm Tear resistance: yes Washable: yes Acoustic absorption: measures- high frequencies Reaction to fire: EuroClass F Acoustic diffusion: Low Possibility of combinations Available colors White (Ref 9010) Black (Ref 9005) Light Grey (7024) Blue (Ref 5023) Beige (beige Ref) Red (Ref 2084) Dark Grey (Ref dark gray) Applications: Home-Studios Home-cinemas Broadcast Meeting Restaurants Halls Libraries Offices Packing units/box : 5 Box dimensions: 610 x 610 x 220 mm Description of Materials Material: Acoustic Foam + Print Cover Foam type: M1 Installation Easy to install Location: roof and walls Fastening Type: Stuck #absorben #acoustic #cinema #confort #decoration #eliacoustic #hiend #homecinema #isolation #panel #regular #sound
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