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OT Slidin'

OT Slidin'

This is the first electronic device ot has ever made. Designed to be a budget alternative to an iPhone, at only £225 on PAYG or no sim, designed for youth with iPhine esque glass front and back, with 2 cameras and a touchscreen. Unfortunately, this Phone doesn't exist, whch is why im getting an iPhone for my birthday....if it ever gets in stock before my birthday! :( EDIT Ferrari, dont get too jealous, it is a 2 and a half old 16gb 3gs with a broken down volume button on the side that belonged to my mum (or mom as you would say it)EDIT Ferrari, iMacs are brill, my mum (or mom) has one, i have a sony vaio, my sis has a newer vaio, also my dad has a iPad 2 gb, macs aren't a waste of time, they are expensive, but they are sooooo good! #clever #cool #neat #new #ot #phone #smart
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