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Grizzly Bear Attack

Grizzly Bear Attack

A Grizzly Bear goes on a rampage for food. The angry bear wonders into a camping ground looking for food. He strikes gold! The bear rips open tents and caravans and eats the people inside. One man had a shotgun in his hand, while watching TV, not knowing there's a bear looking at him through the tent. The bear jumps onto the tent, crushing the man inside. The man tries to shoot him but the bear knocked the gun out of his hand, the bear growls and scratches at the man, eating him alive. The bear picks up the man and throws him onto the ground, the man punches the bear as it eats his arm, the bear tears open the man's legs and rips out his bone. The man screams in pain as the bear bites down on him, killing him. This then happens to everyone in the campsite ripping and tearing through the tents... (out of the 23 people involved in the attack, no one survives.) (2 MB) (credit to people who made the stuff) (WARNING: graphic, gore, violent) #animal_attack #attack #bear #camp #eat #grizzly #kill #massacre #murder #tent
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