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Orbital Defence Platform

Orbital Defence Platform

The ODP is a massive satelite either in orbit of a planet or free floating near an important deep space outpost. It's primary MAC has the same destructive power as the destroyer's 10000mm cannon, however due to it's length the ODB can accelarate the slug even more and is only used as a long range weapon. It also has 4 smaller 2000mm MACs for close range battles. The ODP is also surrounded by 144 rocket launchers to keep away enemy boarding craft and fighters. If the ODB were turned on friendly ships or even the planet it was orbiting the result would be devastating. It is largely solar powerred, but also houses a smaal reactor to power the main MAC. It has a large docking bay for maintanance workers. #defence #docking_bay #firepower #halo #MAC #mass_driver #ODB #orbital #orbital_defence_platforma #rocket_launcher #solar_powerred #station #turret #zazwaz
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