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C5 "Deconis" Armed Carrier (USNR-UC-C5)

C5 "Deconis" Armed Carrier (USNR-UC-C5)

I am starting to base my models after the long-gone New Fraidussonia's military. You see, Joao Silviera (the NFUF's stubbs/president, and part time king) and I had an alliance called the UNF. Now long gone I am trying to preserve it. Now the nations left are united in the Royal Republic, governed by both the King and the public. They are protected by the UC or Unification Control, which is also part of the USNR.------------ Okay, maybe it wasn't a good idea to upload my ships in 4-view, because it takes up too much memory in the files.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #cool #sedisian #UNF #USNR
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