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PEEPS-01 Arm Chair

PEEPS-01 Arm Chair

Orangebox Ltd
Network Landscapes Collection - The Peeps Arm Chair / Sofa Peeps is a reworking of a classic 1970s sofa with a contemporary twist. The design is available as an armchair, two seat and three seat sofa constructed in a traditional wood frame with shaped and applied foam upholstery. A simple and elegant upholstery line defines the back to create a product that work equally well when specified in a plain colour fabric or a more exuberant pattern fabric. Chairs within the Network Landscapes seating range: AVA-01: Meeting / Dining Chair BOOM-01: High Back Winged Library Chair NEEKY-01: High Back Lounge Chair BOUNCE-01: Low Back Lounge Chair DENCH-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa DENCH-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa FLEX-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa FLEX-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa ONYOURJAYS-01: Cafe Stool ORLY-01: Reclined Lounge Chair PEEPS-01: Single Seat Arm Chair / Sofa PEEPS-02: Two Seat Arm Chair / Sofa PEEPS-03: Three Seat Arm Chair / Sofa TOPE-01: Single Seat Lounge Chair / Sofa TOPE-02: Two Seat Lounge Chair / Sofa YOLO-01: Upholstered Deck Chair MOSS-01: Upholstered Deck Chair The above chairs are available within the Network Landscapes Soft Seating Collection on 3D Warehouse. #Chair #corporate #Furniture #Network #Network_Landscapes #Office #Orangebox #Seating #Sofa #Soft
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